Attitude is Everything

October 29, 2009

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At the “Jump Start Your Job Search” event Tuesday at St. Mary’s College, we had over 100 people looking for new ideas and tips to help them stand out and find jobs through networking. However, one topic that was addressed that can be an instant opportunity killer is the depression that comes with weeks or months of a fruitless job search. I know how demoralizing it can be – I’ve lived through it. And who wants to be around people who are depressed, never mind hire them?
There are several ways to combat this, which were discussed: Get out of the house, go have coffee with a freind, go volunteer, which I’ve written about in a previous post, help someone in need, who’s worse off than you (and there are plenty of people in that category), or start a success team or networking group. The point is to focus on something or someone other than yourself – it’s energizing and can lead to new opportunities, including the job you’re looking for.

Here’s a great article from Jason Alba, founder of JibberJobber regarding just this topic and how smelling blood can be deadly to your search. Keep a positive attitude and good luck!