Personal Branding Tale – Part 2

November 9, 2009

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Here’s Chad Levitt’s follow up to the Personal Branding Tale a few days ago… this time it’s focused on getting promoted, or continuing to stand out once you have been hired and making yourself indispensable. Many people succeed in getting hired, but then don’t last a year because they didn’t continue the networking within their new company and therefore became expendable when times got tough.

Chad’s stories are powerful reminders that we must always be finding ways to add value whatever it is we do.


You have been working at your new job for six months and you are really enjoying being with this company. The job challenges you and you have responded to every challenge so far.

You have created a reputation for yourself with your co-workers as reliable, consistent and accountable. You have shown the ability to think strategically and have executed on all tasks that have been given to you.

Because of your solid reputation, you were recently asked to work on a new project that will have manager level exposure and help determine the future vision for the company. You will have a very minor role and it will require long hours but you gladly accept the offer to be on the project.

As you work on the new project with the different members of the team you being to add them to your LinkedIn network and soon others at the company are finding you on LinkedIn too.

Then one evening while working on some last minute action items a colleague of yours sits down in your cube and says, “I’m really enjoying your blog – keep up the great work”.

You are blown away because you have not told anybody about your blog. You ask how your colleague came across your blog and she says I clicked the link on your LinkedIn profile. You say thanks for reading and continue with your work.

Over the next few months more of your colleagues begin to comment on your blogging and slowly but surely your ideas are spreading through different circles of influence at the company.

Then one morning you get into the office quite early to hammer out a few pending items that need to be submitted by the close of business today.

You open up Outlook and begin checking your email – one email catches your eye because of who sent it. It is the boss of Mrs. I’m Hiring who originally hired you for the job and she would like to meet with you next week.

You of course accept the invitation.

You show up for your meeting with Mr. I’m Promoting dressed for success and more then a little curious. Mr. I’m Promoting invites you to sit down and lets you know he was told about your blog and that he has enjoyed your vision on certain topics of interest to him.

You and Mr. I’m Promoting hit it off great and the meeting goes for a solid hour. Before heading back to your desk Mr. I’m Promoting lets you know that a new position is opening up and asks if you would be interested in interviewing for the opportunity.

You of course say yes.

he interview process kicks off and despite the other two candidates having more experience you are selected for the new opportunity.

Mr. I’m Promoting lets you know that your work at the company so far combined with your great ideas on your blog make you a perfect fit for the new opportunity. Mr. I’m Promoting gives you his vote of confidence and only asks that you execute on your ideas and over communicate with him.

You look him in the eyes, shake his hand firmly and head for your new office on a career path filled with opportunity and potential – as long as you execute.

Go execute.


Chad Levitt is the author of the New Sales Economy blog, which focuses on how Sales 2.0 & Social Media can help you connect, create more opportunities and increase your business. Chad is also the featured Sales 2.0 blogger at, the number one web portal for sales pros, the professional athletes of the business world. Make sure to connect with him on Twitter @chadalevitt.