Using Twitter to Land a Job? Here’s an Example

November 12, 2009

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Trace Cohen runs a Personal Branding group on Brazen Careerist and has an excellent blog on the same topic. As an advocate for using social media to promote yourself, he has a recent example of someone (Hans Mestrum) who landed a job using Twitter. Hans had been using many social media tools and has been running a blog for the past five years, so by tweeting that he was looking for a job, one of his followers and blog subscriber happened to be the dean of a school – read the interview with Hans for the rest of the story!

I’ve been wondering how people are using Twitter in their job search – I understand how the new generation (read “young”) of HR managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn, Facebook and now Twitter to find candidates, but was still unclear how a job seeker might use Twitter.
How have you been using social media in your search? Any success stories out there?