5 Ways to Get a Job Offer in your Christmas Stocking!

Typically, companies slow down as Christmas approaches. However, December is traditionally one of the busiest months for hiring. So what to do? Here are 5 tips to employ in your job search this month:

1. Now is the time to respond to the job ads and get your resume out there again! The number of job listings right now is higher than the last 6 months – jump in and respond to the job ads that you want rather than ‘take a break’ for the holidays. One job seeker yesterday said she has 4 interviews this week – the most she’s had all year!

2. Contact people at the company you are targeting. If you know the industry – and better yet, the specific company you are targeting, contact people you know who work there to find out more about the job, who the hiring manager is, what it’s like to work there, etc. If you don’t know anyone who works there, ask people in your network if they know someone who knows someone who works there!

3. Let your network know now what you are looking for and what company you want to work for.
Nearly 70% of the jobs people are getting are from others in their network they know. Remind your network – either through Facebook or LinkedIn – what specific position you’re looking for and what company you are targeting. Doing it once 3 months ago is not going to help. When you are top of mind for them when they come across an opportunity, they’ll contact you.

4. Never stop ‘feeding’ your network. In his excellent book on relationship marketing, “Never Eat Alone”, Tim Ferrazzi makes the point that the time to build and ‘feed’ your network is when you don’t need it. People in your network want to help you – you need to let them know how they can.

5. Go volunteer! While you are waiting for the responses to your job submissions, find ways to help others this time of year. The holidays highlight the plight of so many who are worse off than the rest of us and there are many ways you can help directly by volunteering your time. Whether at the local food bank, homeless shelter, hospice or senior center, the gift of yourself and your caring are invaluable gifts you can make.

Follow these tips and you might just find a job offer or two in your stocking this Christmas!

JP Headshot1JP McDermott is a financial services and insurance advisor in Walnut Creek, CA. specializing in career transitions. He is also a career and financial coach, a freelance writer on career coaching with Examiner.com, and has been volunteering his time and experience to various non-profit, service and civic organizations, most recently helping those in transition. His philosophy is to help others be more successful and to enjoy the benefits of meeting new people.

JP lives in Danville with his wife Candy.

Check out his LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/jpmcdermott


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