LinkedIn Tips for Executive Job Search

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Being a senior manager or executive in transition requires all of the experience, creativity and courage learned over your lifetime these days. The game has changed and the old rules are gone. The new rules? Evolving. Stay tuned. The rule that is known is being visible online and the place for the professional is still LinkedIn. Yes, Facebook and Twitter seem to be the social media rage right now and may ultimately displace LinkedIn, but with 40 million users and growing, it is the site for professional online networking.

So what? If you don’t have a complete profile or ‘feed’ it occasionally, you’re at a competitive disadvantage.
Meg Guiseppi has an excellent post on some of the basics, as well as a wealth of free resources (her e-book Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile: How to Transform Your Executive Brand, Resume, and Career Biography Into a Winning LinkedIn Profile) and very informative links. Take a look here.
How unique is your current LinkedIn profile and is it attracting attention?


2 Responses to LinkedIn Tips for Executive Job Search

  1. Meg Guiseppi says:

    Thanks so much for the nod and links to my site and blog post, JP. Very kind of you!

    My LinkedIn e-book is a free download —

    I hope your readers find the e-book and my posts helpful.

    Meg Guiseppi
    C-level / Senior Executive Branding, Online Identity & Job Search Strategist

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