How Would You Use 30 Seconds on CNN to Promote Yourself? Check this out…

Ken Castle is an outstanding PR professional who just happens to be out of work. Rather than sit back and send resumes out to the black holes on the internet or wait for the calls to come in, Ken took action in a different way that resulted in a 4 minute spot on CNN earlier this week.

Ken found a need where he lives that required organizing his neighbors to combat increasing crime while the police force is facing downsizing and reduced services. Ken took charge, created a coalition of neighbors and started making things happen in the San Carlos Community where he lives.

Through his new network, he met someone in his ProMatch group who turned out to be a neighbor and got the local media interested in what the group was doing.

Ultimately, CNN picked up the story and asked Ken to be on their segment “30 Second Pitch“.

You be the judge of how effective his message was. I spoke with Ken yesterday and he has received tons of emails, but is still looking to see if any of them will turn into his dream job of representing a consumer products company that sells web cams for deterring neighborhood crime.

I’m confident something good will result because he took action.

What kinds of opportunities are you using to get noticed by hiring managers?
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