Job Connections Success Stories

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As a Job Connections alum, I volunteer and promote the work this group does as much as I can.
Saturday’s meeting featured 4 people who have recently landed jobs and they shared their experiences. It was very inspiring and motivating and the common theme was to ‘get out there’ and be active. Whether volunteering somewhere, getting involved with the Job Connections Summit or starting your own Success Team, the common denominator seems to be getting active.
As I’ve written before, doing something for others takes the focus off of your own situation and onto others, which can be very satisfying. Another benefit is expanding your network of people who know you as a volunteer and contributor. The more people you add to your network, the more opportunity to find that one person who knows someone who needs your unique skills and experience.

There were 4 panelists: Rick, Steve, Bill & Colleen and while all 4 have landed new jobs, one company has already been taken over and one job went away. All shared personal insights and their private challenges, and I will be writing about a couple of them in the future.

It is always a very positive event when our alums land a job and come back and share their success with the group. I’m looking forward to many more!


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