5 Most Common Networking Mistakes

From time to time, I’ll reference the book, “Never Eat Alone” by Keith Ferrazzi. This book was one of those rare books that woke me up regarding the power of building your network. Reading it made me realize that I have been doing many of the things he suggests naturally for years. In fact, his book was the genesis of Move On Up. I’ll be referring to many of the philosophies in the book in the future. Meanwhile…

I came across this brief video from Austrailia that nails what you shouldn’t do when networking. Kim McGuiness has studied master networkers for years and shares her thoughts here.

1. Again, consistent with the philosophy of putting others first, never begin by talking about your business, rather get to know the other person – learn about them before they ask about you.

2. Don’t pre-judge – How often do we eliminate talking to someone because we don’t think they will do business with us or be able to help us find a job? Opportunities come up from the most unexpected places … and people.

3. Be present – don’t be ‘that person’ who’s always looking beyond you to see if there might be someone better to talk with. Be here now.

4. Not Following Up – Don’t you hate the person who promises that they will call you, but never does? Too often, many do not follow up – be memorable by doing what you say you will.

5. Don’t expect instant results – I use the metaphor of planting seeds as I meet new people. With a little nourishment and attention, they will become important people in my growing network.

What are some other mistakes you know of that you or others have made networking?


2 Responses to 5 Most Common Networking Mistakes

  1. Christa Pedersen says:

    Hi JP,
    Good blog. Thank you.

  2. Larry Fleming says:

    Hi JP,

    Good storyline for your blog. Totally maps to your niche of helping people in transition.

    See you soon…


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